Our Belief

Here at Realizing Counseling, counseling is viewed as social responsibility. The goal of therapy is transformation.
We strongly believe in the “butterfly effect” of psychotherapy, in which a person’s self, family, work place and environment are all influenced by what happens in the therapy room.

Adapting to life in a foreign culture is not easy. People at different stages of transition might go through stressful moments of culture shock, disorientation, honeymoon, grief and loss before reaching acceptance. There are various emotions a person can go through while searching for identity and meaning.

Our mental health professionals are equipped with cultural competency along with experiences working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are here for personal growth, relationship issues or other reasons, we thrive to provide authentic care and support to each individual with a respectful tone and an objective attitude. We are honored to walk together with you on this unique journey.


Evon Chiu



  • Harvard University, Women of Color Leadership Program 2024
  • University of San Francisco, M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology
  • California State University- San Jose, B.A. in Psychology, minor in Sociology
  • National Taiwan University(History major)

Areas of Specialization

  • Life Coaching
  • Expat & Immigrant Mental Health
  • Life Transition & Cultural Adjustment
  • Family of Origin
  • Cross-Generational Trauma
  • Multicultural Couples Counseling
  • Third Culture Kid
  • Youth Support

Professional Experiences

  • Founder of Taiwan Multicultural Counseling Association   www.taiwanmca.org
  • Taiwan Coordinator of USA’s Taiwan Psychology Network
  • Intern Counselor at City of Fremont Youth & Family Services, California
  • Founder & Director of Counseling at Junyi Experimental School (G1-G12), Taitung, Taiwan
  • Telephone Counselor at Santa Clara County Crisis Line, California
  • Bilingual Counselor at Academy of Art University, California
  • Adult Life Coach (age 18-55) at Devry University, USA online
  • Intervention Specialist for autistic children and family at Aspiranet Family Intervention Program, California

Online Life Coaching for International Clients

    A significant part of my career now is providing transition, leadership and relationship coaching. I have had the benefit of receiving three years of comprehensive and innovative training from a Coaching Institute in San Francisco with over 3000 client coaching hours. I have also been trained by International Coaching Federation accredited institutions. Through online sessions, I have coached a wide range of clients from many different countries with backgrounds as international students, managers and business owners, engineers, professionals in transition, and people who feel therapy is not quite what they need at this stage of life.
Coaching involves elements of counseling, but is more short-term and structured, present & future-focused, goal-oriented, and outcome-based. A coach would partner with clients to develop a plan, identify obstacles that are holding them back, motivate clients to make the most of their strength, and pinpoint any resistance to change. Clients are viewed as already whole when entering a coaching relationship.
Coaching can benefit people who are looking for guidance in confidence, career change, self-worth and esteem, work-life balance, relationships, finding purpose, health, emotional intelligence, a significant life change, and much more.

Psychotherapy for International Clients


  • Taiwan Counseling Psychologist License
  • Certificate of Telephone Counseling, Bill Wilson Center, CA
  • Certificate of Domestic Violence Counseling, Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments, CA

Orientation and Philosophy

    My approach to counseling is an eclectic blend of person-centered, psychodynamic, family systems theory, positive psychology and AEDP approach. I have lived and worked in 6 different cities in the United States for a total of 10 years in my younger days. As a third-culture kid myself, therapeutic attunement often happens when working with youth, adult and couples on the collectivism-individualism spectrum.
The populations I often work with are expats in Taiwan, Asian Americans starting a new life in Taiwan or abroad, cross-cultural couples, international students, Third Culture Kids, LGBT spectrum, and so on. Over the years, I have adapted a culturally sensitive model in working with diverse backgrounds: graduates of elite universities struggling with mental health issues, adult children of under-privileged families, Silicon Valley’s high-tech workers, first and second-generation immigrants, youth in transition, retired professionals and aboriginal youth in eastern Taiwan.
A person’s worldview can be influenced by a variety of factors, including culture, education, early childhood experiences, family upbringing and major life events. Clients are encouraged to navigate their own healing maps. All humans have a remarkable capacity for self-healing; in every breakdown, there is an opportunity for a breakthrough. I am inspired again and again by stories of transcending the darkness and embracing the new.

Alex Chen



  • California State University, Fresno, USA (M.A. in School Counseling and Student Affairs)
  • National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan (M.A. in Guidance and Counseling)

Areas of Specialization

  • Social Justice Counseling, Feminism Approach
  • Multicultural Counseling (Immigrants, Expats, Minorities)
  • LGBT+ & Gender Counseling
  • Relational & Interpersonal Counseling
  • Family & Couple Therapy
  • Self-Growth & Self-Actualization

Professional Experiences

  • Bilingual Counselor at Metamorphosis Counseling Center
  • EAP Project Counselor at Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government
  • Cooperating Counselor at Taichung City Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • EAP Project Counselor at Ministry of National Defense
  • Cooperating Counselor at Taiwan GDi Association
  • Student Counselor at Mingdao University
  • Student Counselor at Asian University
  • Student Counselor at Nation Ren-ai Agricultural Vocational Senior High School
  • Volunteering Counselor at Teacher Chang Foundation
  • Intern-Counselor at California State University, Fresno

Counseling Philosophy

    My counseling approach is a blend of person-centered, existentialism, social justice, family systems theory, and feminism. My educational background in family system theory, coupled with my experiences growing up in Taiwan and pursuing my master’s degree in Fresno, California, has equipped me with a broad perspective to understand my clients’ situations.
    Recognizing the diversity in family beliefs, rules, cultural backgrounds, and languages, I appreciate the impact these factors can have on individuals. How people adapt, conform, or dissent from their norms can lead to diverse outcomes. Through years of practice, I’ve observed that many clients find themselves cast into the role of scapegoats within their families, relationships, workplaces, and society, trapped in a challenging position that is difficult to escape. This situation often entails significant injustice and unfairness.
    During counseling sessions, clients discover their own strength, experience personal growth, clarify their vision, and reclaim their personal power. I am consistently impressed by their ability to tap into hidden resources within themselves, enabling them to address the problems they bring to the sessions and overcome challenges they once believed insurmountable.

Chia-Hsin (Pearl) Ma

Counseling Psychologist


  • University of Missouri-Columbia (Counseling Psychology, M.Ed.)
  • National Taiwan Normal University (Educational Psychology and Counseling, B.Ed.)

Professional Experiences​

  • Counseling Psychologist at NTNU Hsin-Tien Psychological Counseling Clinic
  • Counselor at CET Taiwan
  • Counseling Psychologist at FarHugs
  • Counselor at MOE X NTNU Youth Experiential Learning Project
  • Researcher at NSTC X NTNU Taiwan Indigenous Peoples’ Employability Research Project
  • Secretary at Taiwan Multicultural Counseling Association
  • Chairperson of Indigenous Peoples Affairs Committee at Taiwan Multicultural Counseling Association
  • Career Counselor at MU Career Center, Missouri

Areas of Specialization

  • Multicultural Counseling- Minorities, Immigrants, Expats Mental Health
  • Relationship Issues-Boundary Setting, Attachment Exploration, Communication Skills
  • Emotions and Stress-Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management
  • Career Development-Life Transition, Burn-Out, Career Planning
  • Self-Exploration-Empowerment, Confidence, Self-Compassion

Counseling Philosophy

    My counseling approach is a combination of psychodynamic, multicultural counseling, social justice, and feminism. I am particularly attentive to how social and cultural factors influence the formation of one’s identity and self-efficacy. I seek to see people in their strengths, mainly working with clients to reclaim their potential to live meaningful lives.

The primary populations I currently work with include cultural minorities, immigrants, Asian-Americans, and international students. I adopt a culturally sensitive framework in my practice, recognizing and respecting clients’ varied cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and behaviors. Clients will have the opportunity to self-explore, enhance coping strategies, and develop effective self-care.

Whatever clients’ counseling needs may be, I am here to work as a professional, supporter, ally, and advocate, providing a safe and secure space for them to fully explore feelings and thoughts without judgment.

Lo Lok Ching (Momo)

Intern Counseling Psychologist


National Taiwan Normal University
(Master in Counseling and Psychology)
Hong Kong Shue Yan University
(Bachelor of Social Science in Counseling and Psychology)

Professional Experience

  • Hong Kong Agile Property Management Services Limited
    Human Resources and Administration Assistant
  • Seeing Counseling Centre
    Intern Counseling Therapist
  • National Taiwan Normal University
    Observer of group counseling (Topic: Mindfulness)
  • Hong Kong College of Technology
    Intern Counseling Psychologist
  • Hong Kong College of Technology
    Group Counseling Leader
  • Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (Hong Kong)
    Consultant and tutor of the Carers support service
  • Siu Lam Psychiatric Center (Hong Kong)
    Programs Leader and Co-leader
  • Gear Couseling and Development Center (Hong Kong)
    Programs Director and Leader
  • ‘Empathy’ HKDSE Counseling Hotline (Hong Kong)
    Online Counselor


  • Multiculturalism (Multi-perspective, Minorities, Intercultural Identity, Subculture, Multilingual)
  • Self-Growth and Self-Exploration (Intercultural growth, Body image disturbance, rebuild self-confidence)
  • Relationship and Intimacy issues
  • Emotional and Stress issues
  • Empowerment and Strength-based counseling
  • Language
    • English
    • Mandarin
    • Cantonese

About Me / My Counseling Philosophy

As a trained counselor in Hong Kong, I am currently an intern counseling psychologist based in Taiwan. Grew up in the multicultural society of Hong Kong, I care about the cultural influences in counseling and work to meet people with different stories. As a multilingual counselor, I aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment for people who come from different countries of distinct backgrounds.

I sincerely believe that everyone who come here have passed through a lot. Your stories, which are neither right nor wrong, are worthy to be understood and explored. I definitely value all your unique experiences as they have been shaping who you are as a beautiful human being.

Sometimes you may feel exhausted, being buried in countless complicated issues. Sometimes you may lose track of life, not knowing how to keep moving. Sometimes you may need a break, from the hustle and bustle reality. You are welcomed to this safe space, where you may explore and discover your inner-self, relieve your feelings, seek for support, or dream about the future. You may need a genuine person who can actively listen, thoroughly understand and heartfeltly value your inner thoughts and emotions. No matter what brings you here, you can be well-understood and safely express your truth self. You are worth to be seen and taken seriously.

You are more beautiful than you think.


Mon. – Fri.:10AM – 9PM

Sat. – Sun.:10AM – 5PM

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