Our Belief

Here at Realizing Counseling, counseling is viewed as social responsibility. The goal of therapy is transformation.
We strongly believe in the “butterfly effect” of psychotherapy, in which a person’s self, family, work place and environment are all influenced by what happens in the therapy room.

Adapting to life in a foreign culture is not easy. People at different stages of transition might go through stressful moments of culture shock, disorientation, honeymoon, grief and loss before reaching acceptance. There are various emotions a person can go through while searching for identity and meaning.

Our mental health professionals are equipped with cultural competency along with experiences working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are here for personal growth, relationship issues or other reasons, we thrive to provide authentic care and support to each individual with a respectful tone and an objective attitude. We are honored to walk together with you on this unique journey.


Erica Chu, M.S. Ed.


Get to know me​

I graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Linguistics, and then I completed a Master’s degree in Psychological Services from the University of Pennsylvania. I then completed 5 years of PhD-level coursework and practicum with an emphasis on Multicultural Counseling at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before returning to Taiwan. I have more than 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist with individuals from diverse backgrounds and have worked in a number of settings including university counseling centers, community mental health center, and in private practice.

Services I offer

I worked with clients who have many different types of issues. Some of the issues that I work with most include:

  • Relationship problems (romantic relationships, family, marriage, work-related, interpersonal relationships, etc.)
  • Emotional concerns (depression, anxiety, grief, loss, anger, etc.)
  • Adjustment (any major life changes, including, but not limited to work, school, new relationship, break-up, and cultural transition)
  • Sexual concerns
  • In-depth Self-exploration (self-understanding, self-Identity, major life experiences, etc.)
  • Adolescent (school, family, relationships, stress, adjustment, etc.)
  • Parenting issues (divorce, single parent, communication, etc.)

What I’m like as a therapist

In recent years, my approach to counseling is psychodynamic in natural, but I have a solid training in multiculturalism and multicultural counseling, within which I know how to negotiate conversation about culture, differences, and any sensitive topics. In my work, I honor the influence of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and various culture factors on mental health. I strive to understand clients’ worldviews and create a safe environment for them to explore challenges and concerns that they encounter in life. As a therapist, I’m straightforward and inquisitive, but I can also be thoughtful and have a great sense of humor. In my own experiences as a sojourner, having traversed the world from east to west and back, I’m interested in helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their strength in the time of major life changes. Life is a journey — how would you like to navigate through this experience?

Evon Chiu



  • University of San Francisco, California, USA (M.A. in Counseling Psychology)
  • San Jose State University, California, USA (B.A. in Psychology)
  • National Taiwan University (History Major)

Areas of Specialization

  • Expat Mental Health
  • Immigrant Mental Health
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Third Culture Kid
  • Grief & Loss
  • Multicultural Marriage Counseling
  • Transition & Adjustment
  • Youth Support
  • Life Coaching

Professional Experiences

  • Supervised by Dr. Helen Hsu (President of Asian American Psychological Association)
  • Youth/Parent/Family Counselor at City of Fremont Youth & Family Services, California
  • Founder & Director of Counseling at Junyi Experimental School (K-12), Taitung, Taiwan
  • Telephone Counselor at Santa Clara County Crisis Line, California
  • Life Coach at Insidetrack Coaching Inc., California
  • Bilingual Counselor at Academy of Art University, California
  • Adult Student Life Coach (age 18-55) at Devry University, US online nationwide
  • Intervention Specialist for autistic children and family at Aspiranet Family Intervention Program, California
  • Bilingual workshops/support groups facilitator in Taiwan and the US


  • Taiwan Counseling Psychologist License #004043
  • Certificate of Telephone Crisis Line Counseling, Bill Wilson Center, CA
  • Certificate of Domestic Violence Counseling, Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments, CA

Counseling & Qualities

The basic elements of my counseling work consist of –

  • Respect, authenticity, genuineness, empathy, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard.
  • We work together to determine the direction, pace, and depth of therapy.
  • Clients are supported in finding his or her own inner strengths and resources in a relaxed and confidential environment.
  • I am respectful of each client’s political, sexual, religious and spiritual beliefs and practices.
  • Although a diagnosis can be useful, mental health diagnostic labels sometimes stop us from finding our own voice. We need to handle this carefully.
  • Emotional disturbances, such as anxiety and depression, can simply be forms of reaction to life transitions. Understanding life transitions have a positive impact on emotional well-being and overall life satisfaction.

My Approach

My approach to counseling is an eclectic blend of person-centered theory, psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioral theory and systems theory. During my 10-year journey abroad, I have lived and worked in 6 different cities in the U.S. While being an organizer of a multi-cultural personal growth group in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve spent years observing and researching intercultural relations. I have worked with adults, youth and couples in both collectivist and individualistic cultures from different countries.

The populations I often work with are expats in Taiwan, Asian American starting their new phase in Taiwan, multiethnic couples, international students, graduates of top-ranked universities dealing with emotional or interpersonal stress, adult children of under-privileged families, cross-border business owners in Taiwan, entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley, first and second-generation Asian immigrants, aboriginal families in eastern Taiwan, youths in transition, retired professionals, LGBTQ on spectrum, and so on.


Counseling is a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. A person’s perception of the world can be the result of culture, education, early childhood experiences, family upbringing and significant life events. All humans have a remarkable capacity for self-healing. My clients have demonstrated that in every breakdown, there is an opportunity for a breakthrough. This journey really is about becoming a person who enjoys a more fulfilling personal, work and spiritual life.


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  • Please make your reservation in advance.
  • Accredited counseling center

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